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Groomed & Tailored

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An overwhelmed groom and his three groomsmen attempt to plan a wedding... by themselves.  

​With the bride out of the country, the Best Man has taken charge.  He just suggested replacing the floral centerpieces with handmade origami turtle doves to give the reception more of a "personal touch".  He cannot do origami, nor does he know what a turtle dove is.  Needless to say, the Maid of Honor is NOT PLEASED. ​



Operation: Christmas Present

Children's Action Film (Short)
​​ Director & Writer


A coming home story focused on the child of an active duty Soldier in the U.S. Army.  Eight-year-old Derek embarks on a mission to figure out what his mom got him for Christmas.  Little does he know, sometimes the best gift a person can receive is family.  

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